3-Variable Word Problems

Just when you thought you were done with 3 variables! We get word problems. But boy, are they fun! Here is a link to homework #16.

Coming Up:

– Benchmark 2.4 on Monday, 10/1

– Chapter 3 Test on Tuesday, 10/2

Posting for Points Question:

I need some help. For our next test we will have at least 1 word problem, probably 2 (a 2-variable and a 3-variable system). Create a problem and give the solution that would make a good word problem. You can model it after problems from the homework, but make sure it has a different solution. You might want to start with a solution and work backwards. Examples might include a problem with nickels, dimes, and quarters, or perhaps a something original. The best one goes on the test!



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17 responses to “3-Variable Word Problems

  1. Dani C. Per.1

    Here’s my problem for now, but I might need to edit it a little more…post a comment if you have any questions!

    The state fair sold admission tickets in a price range of 3 different age groups: adults, teens, and children. The adult price was $16, the teen’s price $6, and the child’s price $4. A group of 26 people attended the fair together. The total price for all of them to enter the fair was $214. The number of teens in the group was double of the adults and children combined. How many adults, teens, and children were in the group?

  2. steven d.p3

    i dont know how to do a word problem but ill do the bast i can

    The dog wash washes some dogs for charity. They had different prices for the dogs. Big dogs cost $36, small dogs cost $12.50, and normal dogs cost $14. They made $145.50 but if you put the small and normal dog together, they are $0.50 more then big dog total.

  3. Danielle P. 3

    I’ll use these two problems to help me 🙂

  4. Danielle P. 3

    Mr. F, I keep trying to make one of these but when I try and make one and then do the problem my answers come out as fractions and then it doesn’t make sense as an answer.

  5. Danielle P. 3

    Sorry, for so many comments. I figured it out. I should have read your blog more carefully.

  6. Danielle P. 3

    Danielle has five dollar bills, ten dollar bills, and twenty dollar bills worth 205 dollars. The number of ten dollar bills is 3 times less than the sum of the five dollar bills and twenty dollar bills. How many of each time of coin does Danielle have if there are 17 dollars in all?

  7. I am already not very good at solving word problems…but now writing one is going to be even harder!!!!!!
    Here is my best shot!!!!!

    The dog groomers washes some dogs for charity. They had different prices for the dogs. Big dogs cost $25.00, small dogs cost $12.50, and normal dogs cost $14. They made $145.50 but if you put the small and normal dog together, they are $0.50 more then big dog total

  8. Jordan C. Per. 1

    44 people are attending a baseball game. The admissing fee for adults is 12 dollars. and the admission fee for children is 10 dollars. The group of people spent 504 dollars to get into the baseball game. How many adults and children were in the group?

  9. candace k 1

    For the birthday party this friday the balloon colors are Freds favorite colors red, blue, and green. The red ballons cost $2.50 each the blue $1.75 and the green is $1 each. Fred has a total of 23 people coming over and everyone gets a balloon including Fred. There are 3x’s the amount of red ballons as there are blue and the blue is twice the amount of the green. The total amount the ballons cost were $48. How many red, blue, and green ballons are there?

    Hope it works.

  10. brandon c 3

    solve the problem to find how many athletes finished in each place.

    the miners won in saturdays track meet with the help of 20 individual event placers earning a combined 68 points. A first place finish earns 5 points, a second place earns 3 points and third place earns 1 point, the miners had a strong second place showing with as many second place finishes as the first and third combined .

  11. Dani C. Per.1

    Darn, I made a mistake in the numbers… 😦 arrggghhh!

  12. Dani C. Per.1

    I think I needed to change the number of people to 24, and the total cost to $188… but you have already probably figured it out!

  13. Wendy O per1

    The SPCA adopt-a-dog-athon earned a total of $5,000.
    The number of dogs plus the number of donations equals 70.
    If 20 dogs were adopted at $105 each, then how many donations were made? How much was the average donation?

  14. steve M per 3

    Mr. F i really suck at this so here the best i can do
    the raiders has a total earn of 10,000 for there home game against the 49ers. the numbers of ticket sold where home seats 100 and away seats where 50. if a person buys 20 tickets that cost about 2,000 all together, then how many away ticket did the raiders have against the 49ers?

  15. Chris R. p.1

    I am still having some trouble on the word problems. I need to study more on this area and work with somebody to help me out.

  16. Virginia Ballper1

    Mr. F gives ten homework assinments. The totlal amount of the assinment points is 60 points. The amoust of points of homework assinments can be 5, 10, and 20. If a person turns in 6 assinments how many 10 point assinments did that person turn in?
    Ps. Mr. F I don’t think I had any idea what i was doing

  17. Niccole P 3

    I still don’t really get these but it’s worth a shot…

    Bob has 76 pennies, dimes, and quarters. There are three times the amount of pennies that there are quarters, and twice as many dimes as quarters. All together the coins add up to $10.45. How many quarters are there?

    Umm.. I’m pretty sure that this doesn’t even work, and seeing that I don’t know how to figure them out, this could be a problem. haha